Boidae – Boas

Gigantic non-venomous snakes including anacondas and boas, known for their death-dealing coils

Closely related to Pythons family.
All Boas are viviparous (live birth), non-venomous constricting snakes. After striking, they coil around their prey to suffocate it and then monitor its heartbeat to ascertain death before loosening the lethal coils. Boas are distributed all over the five continents and populate all habitats known by snakes except marine waters.

Although having a wide size variation within the family, some species, like Green Anacondas, grow to legendary sizes spanning around 7.7m (25 ft). Some reports of Anacondas as big as 14 m (45 ft)! This behemoth deserves a movie for sure (oh wait! There already is?).

Data on snakes are hard to collect, but Boas have declined dramatically in the wild because of habitat loss, illegal pet trade, and road mortalities. They need our help.