Chunga – Black-legged seriema

Gear up to get your minds changed if you think all birds love flying

Black-legged cousins of the Cariamas (crested members of the same family), commonly known as Chunga, are a common sight for tourists visiting the open lands of Southeastern Bolivia and Northern Argentina. As they favor treading on foot more than flying, you’ll easily spot these greyish-ash-colored birds picking insects with their stout bill rather than flapping their patterned flight feathers in the sky. They’ve grown a little too habitual of the beetle-laden lunches that the grounds provide!

Since Chunga’s shun flying out of the question most times, they rely on outstanding running capabilities and sharp-edged claws to avoid predators and hunt for food. That, paired with their loud yelping calls and pre-emptive breeding practices, make these creatures sufficiently proficient in maintaining a stable population in the harsh Savannah habitats.