Aromobatidae – Cryptic forest frogs

Native to Central and South America, this family is sister group of poison dart frogs, but are not as toxic

Also known as mist frogs or jungle runners, it is a small group of frogs found in the tropical regions of South America. Unlike poison dart frogs, which utilize their colors to draw attention to their toxicity, cryptic forest frogs use their colors to blend in with their surroundings.

They also have an outstanding escape response and can quickly locate and find cover. Because of this, one of their popular names is rocket frogs, and they are also known as stream frogs due to their preferred habitat of stream banks.

In creek and stream pools, as well as still ponds, members of this family lay their eggs loosely in small groups and attach them to vegetation on, or just below, the water’s surface, from which tadpoles emerge and develop into adults two months later.