Vipera– Eurasian vipers

Small in size, strong in venom

These snakes are usually small but strong and have a well-known triangular-shaped head that’s different from the rest of their body. This shape isn’t just for show; it’s where they store their venom. The head is like a little warehouse for the tools they need to hunt and protect themselves.

When it comes to their skin, they wear a cloak of colors that helps them to hide in plain sight. Some have a greyish base with dark brown bands, while others might have a brownish tone with grey bands. This camouflage is super important because it helps them sneak up on their food and stay safe from animals that might want to eat them.

These vipers love places that are cool, dry, and rocky. They’re the mountain adventurers of the snake world, often found sunning themselves on rocks or tucked away in a pile of leaves. They’re not fans of hot and humid places, preferring the chillier climates where they can find the perfect rock to call home.

Now, just like their African cousins, these vipers are venomous, which means they have a special kind of saliva that can be dangerous. But the strength of their venom isn’t the same for all of them; some have a little, and some have a lot. It’s like each viper has its own recipe for venom that they use to catch different kinds of snacks, like little rodents or birds.