Sarothrura – Flufftails

We’ve lately discovered that these rail-like birds have more in common with finfoots than rails

These introverted yet cute little birds are skilled in hiding away in bushes, always showing their strong survival instincts. Therefore, finding them in wetlands (swamps or flooded grasslands) or woods is difficult. As a result, experts are still attempting to investigate and discover what makes these birds different from others.

Interestingly, males and females in most species are similar in size but show distinct coloration and patterns. Sarothura’s artistic side is revealed when we take a look at their beautifully customized cup-shaped nests. If you’re lucky to find the nest, there might be 4 to 6 eggs incubated by both parents. Most flufftails and wood rails munch on insects, small vertebrates, seeds, and plants; however, some species could devour a small frog.