Hyperolius – African reed frogs

Known for their unique ability to change color

Hyperolius frogs are a type of tree frog, which means they spend a lot of their time in trees. They are small in size, generally ranging from about one to two and a half inches in length. One of the most striking features of these frogs is their coloration. They can be found in a wide array of colors and patterns, which not only make them interesting to observe but also help them blend into their surroundings to hide from predators. These frogs are adaptable and can inhabit a variety of environments. However, they are most commonly found in areas with lots of vegetation near bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and wetlands. This is because they need moist environments to thrive and water bodies for breeding. Hyperolius frogs are widely distributed across sub-Saharan Africa, each species adapting to its specific regional conditions.

Their life cycle begins with the laying of eggs. Female frogs lay their eggs in water, attaching them to vegetation submerged below the water surface. After a few days to a few weeks, these eggs hatch into tadpoles, which live in the water and do not resemble frogs at first. They have long tails and breathe through gills. As tadpoles grow, they undergo a process called metamorphosis. During this stage, they gradually develop legs, lose their tails, and their gills are replaced by lungs, which allows them to breathe air. This transformation prepares them to live on land as well as in water.