Ibycter – Red-throated caracara

The largest species of the three species present in the Amazon

The red-throated caracara may be found in Mexico’s extreme south, south to Colombia, north and northeast South America, and southern Brazil.
It prefers humid evergreen woods and their margins, as well as clearings with scattered trees, at elevations of 500 to 700 meters (1640.42 – 2296 ft).

Wasp, bee larvae, and eggs are the principal food sources for the red-throated caracara. Hard palm fruits, various invertebrates, and turtle eggs are also eaten.
The majority of the birds dine in the understory, destroying tiny bee and wasp nests, while two birds stay in the canopy, most likely as sentinels.

Fun fact, their social dynamics resemble eusocial insects like bees and ants rather than birds.