Falconidae – Falcons

Peregrine falcons can exceed speeds of over 320 km/h (200mph) while ‘stooping’ to catch their prey

Falconiformes are an order of small to medium-sized birds of prey, including falcons, kestrels, and caracaras. They are diurnal birds with sharp talons and pointed wings. Unlike many other birds of prey, they kill their prey with their hooked beaks instead of their talons.

Kestrels can often be identified by their hovering behavior as they hover over vegetation, looking for prey. Although small, Saker and Amur falcons undertake massive migrations yearly to their wintering grounds. In fact, Amur falcons have the longest migratory journey of any bird of prey, traveling from eastern Asia to southern Africa and back every year!

Although found in diverse habitats, many falcons are highly adaptable and nest in high towers in cities.