Lacertidae – Lacertids

Small to medium sized brightly colored terrestrial lizards

Found mostly in Eurasia and Africa. Lacertids are also called true lizards or wall lizards as they’re a common sight in Europe. Lacertid lizards have retained most of the conventional features with well-developed legs and tails much longer than the rest of their body.

Most species are terrestrial, and a few are arboreal (with prehensile tails), but all are heliotherms (sun-basking). Males often possess bright-colored patterns and display their expanded throats to discourage other males before mating. If this doesn’t work, physical fights are the next resort which usually settles the mating dispute.

All species are viviparous (live births) and a few species are known to show parthenogenesis, births without fertilization (an asexual method of procreation).