Lagothrix – Woolly monkey

With their dense, woolly fur, they have earned their name, providing excellent insulation in the damp and cool forest environments

Commonly known as woolly monkeys, both species in this genus originate from the rainforests of South America. They are known for their remarkable abilities, both in terms of adaptation and social dynamics. Their strong prehensile tails, which can grip and manipulate objects with great precision, aid them in navigating their arboreal habitat effortlessly. These monkeys also possess a unique vocal repertoire, allowing them to communicate with a variety of calls and even create specific alarm calls to warn others of potential threats.

Woolly monkeys are hardly ever found on the forest floor. Generally, they remain at a height of about 12m (38 ft) but will come down as low as 7m (22 ft). Brown woolly monkey lives in gallery, palm, flooded and non-flooded primary, and cloud forests. These animals prefer mature, continuous, undisturbed humid forests and are not found to inhabit the secondary forest.