Atelidae – Atelids

Includes the howler, spider, woolly, and woolly spider monkeys – the largest of the New World monkeys

The family Atelidae is one out of a total of five families of New World monkeys. It is a family of larger monkeys like the muriquis, spider, howler, and woolly monkeys.

They are small to moderate in size with markings on their fur and long, strong tails, which are used as extra limbs or third hand. As their name suggests, howler monkeys have the loudest and strongest vocals compared to other monkeys.  

Most of them are strictly inhabitants of rainforests. Some species are territorial and actively defend their areas with high-pitched calls and frequent monitoring. Their brain-to-body size ratio is the largest, and thus has complex social structures. Human activities like habitat loss and smuggling significantly threaten the declining population of new world monkeys. 6 of the 25 extant species face conservation threats.