Macaca – Macaques

Their cheek pouches can hold the same amount of food as their stomachs

The range of the Macaca genus is the broadest of any surviving non-human primate.

They are a group of sociable old-world monkeys, solely found in Asia, except the Barbary macaque, located in North Africa. These robust primates, known as macaques, have relatively equal-length arms and legs. Their hair is typically a dark brown or black, and their muzzles resemble those of baboons but are rounded in profile with nostrils on the top. Depending on the species, the tail may be very long, moderately long, short, or not there.

As omnivorous creatures, macaques consume seeds, roots, bark, fruits, and grains. Additionally, termites, grasshoppers, ants, and beetles have been seen being consumed by them. Ripe fruits provide them with a much-needed water supply as the monsoon approaches