Rhinoclemmys – Neotropical wood turtles

Some of the most popular victims of the pet trade

These unique North American turtles are becoming increasingly endangered due to habitat loss and human encroachment.

Wood turtles hibernate throughout the chilly winter months in swiftly moving streams, emerging during the warmer months to forage and regulate their body temperatures on land.
Sadly, wood turtles are often unlawfully taken and sold as pets.
The worm stomp is only seen in wood turtles, which are reptiles. To deceive worms into rising to the surface where they may be eaten, they pound their feet and shells on the ground to simulate rain or the movement of moles.

Wood turtles have a sluggish reproductive process and a very long lifespan. Even though only a small percentage of hatchlings will reach adulthood, those that do may procreate for many years with few natural predators.