Strigopidae – New Zealand parrots

These large parrots could be naughty, annoying, and noisy but demonstrate a unique personality, sadly attracting bird lovers

The parrot species included in this family are all endemic to New Zealand. The appearance and behavior observed in these species are unlike any Psittaciformes (order of parrots). Most parrots are loyal to their partners, mating for life, but these birds don’t follow this parrot tradition. Instead, kakapo displays a unique lek breeding method in which males perform dances and fight with other males to get selected as a mate by females.

These parrots are usually known for their bright and vivid coloration, but Kea, Kaka, and Kapako have rather dull-colored plumage. These birds have suffered from introduced predators, illegal pet trade, habitat loss, and overhunting. We’ll have to continue conservation efforts to bring these birds back from the brink of extinction.