Strigops – Kakapo

A huge yet flightless parrot is special in the Māori (the indigenous people of New Zealand) folklore

This green feathery bird is unlike any parrot, with unique nocturnal behavior and owl-like looks. The giant feathers are flightless but help this specie to hide among the forest’s vegetation. The loss of ability to fly is replaced by active feet that enable kakapo to climb the trees swiftly.

Due to unfortunate events, only 200 (approximately) species are left in the wild with close monitoring and management. They are slow breeders with a lek breeding system (unique behavior in parrots). The males display elaborative acts of display (dancing and fighting against other males) to attract potential mating partners. The clutch size is limited to 1-2 eggs, and these birds don’t mate for years. This, along with overhunting and predation, is the reason behind the dramatic decline in their population.