Odobenus – Walrus

Tusked marine mammals heralding climate emergency!

Walrus are the only living members of this family found in the arctic region. They’re big and bulky (1,500 kg or 1.5 tonnes), and it’s good because multiple fat layers help them survive the frozen north pole. Walrus face the brunt of climate change, with the most immediate threat being ice melting (their resting ground).

Walrus tend to form large huddles on pack ice and are extremely sensitive to disturbances (immediately dragging themselves back into the sea at the slightest of disturbances). Reducing space because of melting ice causes them to form more closely packed huddles, which often results in a massive stampede, even when one of them gets spooked and runs back into the sea. Walrus woefully indicates the impending climate reality staring us all in the eyes.