Alytidae – Painted frogs

Male frogs of this family carry a string of fertilized eggs on their backs, making them commonly known as “midwife frogs”

The midwife toads are generally terrestrial species found in a diverse range of environments, including semi-arid regions and temperate woods. This genus loves to inhabit areas that have slopes, walls, or embankments that have low amounts of vegetation. To avoid drying out, they will frequently be discovered sheltering in the cracks and crevices of these structures within the burrows of other animals that have already been excavated.

Their unique call is a crisp, high-pitched staccato whistle typically described as sounding like an “electronic beeping”. This is the primary method by which they are recognized. In the wild, midwife toads can survive up to eight years and primarily consume insects and other small invertebrates that they discover in the undergrowth.