Pardofelis – Marbled cat

When standing or resting, they are characterized by their arched back

This small wild cat is closely related to the bay cat and Asian golden cat, which diverged from other felids about 9.4 million years ago. They resemble a miniature clouded leopard, characterized by their brownish-yellow pelage covered in large blotches, which are paler in the center and outlined in black. There are also black spots on the limbs and some black lines on their head and neck.

To adapt to their life on trees, they have a long tail for balancing and retractable, double-sheathed claws that are well suited for climbing. Their diet mainly consists of birds, tree shrews, squirrels, fruit bats, rats, and small primates.
An exciting factor observed in this animal is that it gradually changes its color from bright orange to reddish brown. Scientists previously thought of these animals as nocturnal, but recently they have discovered that this species could be active any time of the day or night.