Phoenicopteriformes – Flamingos

Flamingos get their unique pink color from the carotenoids in the algae they eat

This order contains all the different species of flamingos. The Greater flamingo is the tallest of all the species standing at heights of up to 1.4 m (4.7 ft), while the Lesser flamingo is the shortest at just over 70 cm (2.5 ft) tall.

One of the flamingos’ best-known peculiarities is how they stand, balancing on just one leg. There have been several theories about why they do this – from keeping warm to saving energy.

Flamingos stir their food from the bottom of the waterbody with their feet and use their specially adapted bills to filter out mud from the shrimp, algae, and mollusks they feed on.

Don’t let their placid stance fool you; flamingos can get quite aggressive during nesting season.