Potos – Kinkajou

Has a spooky nickname, “La Llorona,” meaning crying woman in Spanish due to their noisy barks, hisses, and high-pitched squeaks

Kinkajou’s coat color differs across the range and at different times of the year. Generally, they have wood brown, yellowish tawny, or tawny olive on the upper side of the body and tail, while the underside is buff, brownish-yellow, or tawny fur. Their feet also can be turned backward to run in either direction down or up the trunks or along branches.

They have prehensile tails, which they can hang from, assist in balance, or act as a blanket when asleep. Kinkajou usually travels the same route when they are foraging during the night. They primarily consume fruits such as apples, bananas, figs, melons, mangos, and grapes.