One of the branched genera of the Asian Barbets

Psilopogon is an Old World barbet genus that once only had one species, the fire-tufted barbet (P. pyrolophus). Molecular phylogenetic investigations show that the genus is nested inside an evolutionary branch that includes Asian barbets formerly classified as Megalaima by George Robert Gray in 1841. Psilopogon takes precedence because Salomon Müller suggested it in 1835.

Psilopogon is derived from the Greek words psilos, which means “bare,” and pgn, which means “beard.”
Megalaima species form a clade with the fire-tufted barbet, according to molecular phylogenetic analysis of Asian barbets. Barbets previously categorized as Megalaima have been reclassified as Psilopogon, including 32 species.