Piciformes – Woodpeckers & tucans

Did you know woodpeckers peck on wood as a form of non-vocal communication?

An order of arboreal or tree-living birds contains species like woodpeckers, piculets, wrynecks, puffbirds, barbets, jacamars, honeyguides, and toucans.

Birds belonging to Piciformes nest in cavities and have altricial young – which means the young are underdeveloped when born and rely on their parents for a long time until they mature. Barring a few, most birds belonging to this order eat insects.

Woodpeckers are well-known for their crested crowns, and toucans for their large colorful beaks.

Honeyguides, as the name suggests, are known to lead humans to bee colonies. After humans collect the honey, they feast on the beeswax and grubs left behind. A rare interaction between humans and birds!