Sagittarius – Secretarybird

A long-legged bird with a stunning black feather crest on its back head

Secretarybirds are commonly referred to as “raptors” of Sub-Saharan Africa’s savannas, grasslands, and shrublands.

They have whitish-gray feathers on their body and two long, black-tipped tail feathers. The color of their exposed face is usually yellow, orange, or red. They are non-migratory species native to Africa, and courtship can occur at any time of year, depending on food availability. Their mating ritual takes place both in the air and on land.

They are almost entirely terrestrial hunters, hunting on ground using their long feet, with snakes as their preferred prey. Because of human encroachment on their natural habitat, such as burning and clearing grassland, which makes it difficult for them to find food, they have been classified as Endangered.