They are viewed as living investments or as bearers of good fortune

A group of fish known as bony tongues is notable for its unique features and cultural significance, especially in Asia. This genus includes several species, with the most famous being the Asian Arowana, or dragon fish, which is revered in many Asian cultures for its majestic appearance and supposed mystical properties.

Members of this genus are characterized by their elongated bodies, large scales, and the presence of barbels on the lower jaw, which enhance their sensory capabilities. These fish have a distinctive swimming style due to their dorsal and anal fins being set far back on the body, helping in slow and graceful movements that contribute to their dragon-like appearance.

The Scleropages species are found in diverse freshwater environments across Southeast Asia and parts of Australia. Their natural habitats include slow-moving rivers, lakes, and floodplains, where they have adapted to a variety of water conditions. The Asian species tend to prefer slightly acidic to neutral water, while the Australian species are more adaptable to different environmental conditions. They are carnivorous, feeding on a diet that includes smaller fish, crustaceans, and insects. They are known for their method of hunting, which often involves leaping from the water to catch prey above the surface. This impressive behavior is one of the reasons they are highly regarded in the aquarium trade.