Ateles – Spider monkeys

Home of the largest of all new-world monkeys

Members of the genus Ateles vary in color from yellowish beige to dark crimson to black; they come in various shades. Some species of howlers have different-colored males and females.
Since all the tails are prehensile and can grip tree branches, the monkeys often eat while hanging from trees. Members of this genus love ripe fruits generally, and all diets include additional flowers, seeds, and insects.

Although all spider monkeys are arboreal (tree dwellers), some sometimes come to the ground. They are nocturnal (active during the day). Some creatures engage in playtime and grooming. They do not actively guard their territory or home ranges and are rather tolerant. They often traverse the forest on all fours while brachiating (swinging the arms under branches), frequently with the aid of the tail.