Viverridae – Viverrids

Have stripes, spots, or bands on their bodies & perianal glands produce a strong smell

A large Old World family of small creatures.

While they occur in Africa, southern Europe, and Southeast Asia, many Viverrids have spread throughout Madagascar, where many endemic genera exist. They are carnivores of medium size, having long bodies and small legs. Their bodies vary in length from about 30 cm to 1 meter (11-39 in). The weights vary from under 1 kg to 14 kg (2.2-31 pounds). The skulls of most species are tiny, with short, pointed or semi-pointed, upright ears and a long, pointed snout. The bodies of most species feature stripes, spots, or bands, and their tails are often ringed with contrasting colors.

Most have perianal (rather than anal) glands that create a pungent odor; in certain species, the stench is powerful enough to deter predators. Their visual, olfactory, and auditory senses are all highly developed.