Chinese giant salamander

A gargantuan beast, though harmless. Not many predators dare touch it —except for, of course, humans

Andrias davidianus

The Extremely Threatened Chinese giant salamander, which may grow to lengths of more than 1.8 meters (almost 6 feet), is the largest amphibian. Due to their weak vision, they must sense the vibrations in the water to find their meal. Crabs, frogs, water shrews, fish, and other invertebrates are among the foods they eat.

China’s farms are home to more than 2 million salamanders for their meat. The wild population resides in chilly mountain rivers and steep slopes covered with trees. They were once widespread but are now severely endangered because of habitat loss and overfishing, which calls for action.


Population est.

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Altricial / Precocial

Polygamous / Monogamous

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