About 80 % of the population of these adorable kangaroos has suffered in the past 30 years

This tree kangaroo species looks like a bear but climbs trees like a primate. They won’t merge with terrestrial kangaroos as they like to live at high altitudes of 3200-4200m ((10,500–13,500 ft). The thick black coat enables it to survive low temperatures. The food preference is usually healthy – leaves or fruits. The lazy lads pick the fallen fruit while others use their specialized feed to hop the trees and grab fresh hanging fruit.

Scientists discovered this species in 1995, so there is still a lot to learn about these adorable creatures. The Moni have sentimental bonds to this species because they consider it their ancestors. They have given the label “mbaiso,” which means “forbidden animal.”


Population est.
Papua Province

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Terrestrial / Aquatic

Altricial / Precocial

Polygamous / Monogamous

Dimorphic (size) / Monomorphic

Active: Diurnal / Nocturnal

Social behavior: Solitary / Pack / Herd

Diet: Carnivore / Herbivore / Omnivore / Piscivorous / Insectivore

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Dangerous: Yes / No