Indian roofed turtle

An Asian river turtle with a peculiar shell that sort of looks like a roof


This tiny yet tenacious reptile is an adept swimmer, navigating the flowing rivers and tranquil lakes that thread through these nations. Its life is aquatic, but it is not uncommon to spot these turtles indulging in a sunbath on the riverbanks, absorbing vital warmth and UV rays necessary for their health.

The dietary habits of this species are quite specialized; they are predominantly carnivorous, feasting on a variety of invertebrates that they encounter in their freshwater habitats. Their menu includes snails, slugs, shrimp, crabs, and worms. This preference for live prey requires the turtle to have a keen sense of hunting, which it has honed to perfection throughout its evolution.

Despite their adaptability and resilience, these turtles face significant threats from human activities. Their distinctive appearance makes them a target for the illegal wildlife trade, which profoundly impacts their numbers in the wild. The allure of owning such a unique creature or consuming its meat has led to a continuous decrease in its population, pushing the species towards a precarious future.

The IUCN has classified this species as Vulnerable, which is a stark indication of the urgent conservation measures needed to ensure its survival. The classification is a call to action for wildlife protection agencies, conservationists, and local communities to collaborate to safeguard these turtles’ habitats and curtail the illegal trade.


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