North Sulawesi babirusa

A uniquely fascinating creature with impressive curved tusks, distinctive snout, and remarkable ability to walk on its hind legs


In the lush forests of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, resides a captivating creature that has intrigued scientists and nature enthusiasts for centuries. It spends its days foraging for food in the forest, using its snout like a shovel to dig up fruits, roots, and even small animals like lizards and insects. It is also an active creature that loves to run, jump, and swim in the rivers and streams to cool off on hot days.

But what really made the North Sulawesi babirusa special was its tusks. They were so long and curved that they could even grow back into their own skull if they broke off! The babirusa used these tusks to fight off predators and to impress other babirusas during mating season. They are not only a striking adornment but also serve important purposes in daily life.


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Terrestrial / Aquatic

Altricial / Precocial

Polygamous / Monogamous

Dimorphic (size) / Monomorphic

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