Striped newt

It possesses a magical gift called “neoteny,” allowing some of its kind to retain their juvenile charm even in adulthood

Glenn Bartolotti

Do you know what kind of salamander has red stripes on its back and can live on land or in water? It’s the striped newt, a rare and beautiful amphibian that lives in the southeastern United States. It has a yellow belly and black spots with two red stripes running along its back, and sometimes red spots as well. They can be found in dry upland habitats, such as sandhills, scrub, and flatwoods, surrounding temporary ponds where they breed.

Unlike most amphibians, which lay eggs in water, the Striped Newt takes a daring approach by depositing its eggs on land. These eggs develop into extraordinary larvae, known as “efts,” which possess unique land-dwelling abilities.


Population est.
United States
Florida, Georgia

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