Sunda clouded leopard

Due to their fur being darker with a smaller cloud pattern than clouded leopards, they were classified as a new species in 2006

Spencer Wright

Sunda clouded leopard has a grayish-yellow or gray hue coat with a double midline on the back. The body is also marked with small irregular cloud-like patterns. Their canine teeth are longer than any other living cat in proportion to the skull length, measuring 5.1cm (2 inches) long. The tail can be as long as the body, enabling them to balance while climbing on the trees.

They are arboreal, and thus they are highly dependent on the forest. Habitat destruction due to deforestation had a significant impact on their population number. Furthermore, they are also threatened by encroachment, hunting, and forest fires. They are currently being labeled as Vulnerable.


Population est.
Sumatera, Kalimantan
Sarawak, Sabah

Recent updates

March 2021: A Sunda clouded leopard was spotted and photographed for the first time in the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in Sabah, Malaysia. The sighting was significant as it was the first recorded sighting of the species in the sanctuary.

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