Ictonyx – African polecats

Equipped with 34 razor-sharp teeth that are excellent for shearing flesh

Polecats are predatory mustelids that inhabit arid, dry areas in Africa. Typically, their hue changes depending on where they are. They often have a black underbelly, a white tail, and black legs and feet. They have an unusual face mask color, often with a white patch on their head and white ears. These masks supposedly warn potential predators.

They are solitary animals that only interact with other species while breeding or in tiny family groupings. They are nocturnal and spend most of their time hunting at night.
They consume a variety of tiny rodents, snakes, birds, amphibians, and insects.

At the moment, polecats are not thought to be endangered. Farmers sometimes kill them to prey on their poultry, and domestic dogs also hunt them.