Bucorvidae – Ground-hornbills

Long-lived, slow-breeding, and ground-dwelling. There’s more to unravel than that name hints

Ground Hornbills are quite the opposite regarding their black color. As a result, they can easily pose as turkeys, both looks and size included, though the red and sometimes purplish patches around their eyes and neck make the distinction pretty evident. Incorporating two extant species, the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill and Southern Ground Hornbill, the family is coherently large-bodied and accustomed to living close to the ground, hence the name.

Omnivores, according to records, still believe these birds relish their carnivorous side more, pouncing at any insects, lizard, or tortoise within a beat. Oh, and did we mention they can feed on snakes too? I Guess Ground Hornbills love maintaining that slightly glum demeanor since their group calls at dawn break can resemble a distant lion effortlessly.