Chamaeleonidae – Chameleons

A special way of expression with an equally unique view of world

Chameleons are terrestrial or arboreal reptiles naturally found only in Africa, Asia, Europe, and nearby islands (the old world). They are well known for their ability to change color rapidly, and their projectile tongue is used to snatch prey from a distance.

Most people think chameleons change colors for camouflage or to deceive their predators. Thus the ‘chameleon’ metaphor is used for a deceitful person, but the truth is the opposite. Chameleons change colors (depending on the species) to communicate or respond to physiological or psychological changes, like when angry or excited. So, a chameleon changing its color is more like a chameleon expressing itself rather than deceiving. Their unique way of expression comes with a unique way of perceiving their surroundings, as they look in opposite directions simultaneously with their independent eyeballs.