Coraciiformes – Kingfishers & allies

Coraciiformes means ‘raven-like’ in Latin, strange when you think of the colorful birds belonging to this order

This order includes the beautiful-looking and usually colorful kingfishers, motmots, todies, rollers, and bee-eaters. They are quite the assortment of birds with specific characteristics that tie them together – they spend a significant part of their lives on trees, most have bright, colorful plumage, and most have peculiar three, forward-pointing toes fused at the base.

Diets vary across species, as do their methods of hunting. Kingfishers are known for their spectacular dives into water bodies to catch fish, while motmots eat insects and lizards, and sometimes even poison dart frogs!

The Rollers are aptly named birds – they have a spectacular display of jumps and summersaults performed during courtship flights!