Alcedinidae – Kingfishers

Found in the wooded habitats of tropical forests, kingfishers are exclusively territorial, having good eyesight

Kingfishers are medium-sized territorial birds with colorful bodies, large heads, short necks, and long bills. They are almost found in all regions of the world, more commonly in the Australasian region, habituating woody forests, and prefer living near water. Kingfishers are adaptable to changing habitats and can easily adjust to breeding and non-breeding areas. Despite their name, all kingfishers are not fishing specialists and feed on insects.

The birds are monogamous, make nests on earthen banks, and both parents look after their chicks. The largest species of kingfisher is the laughing Kookaburra of Australia. Most species are non-migratory, and unlike many other birds, migratory Kingfishers migrate during the day.