Pygathrix – Doucs/Douc langurs

Some of the most peculiarly colored monkeys

Any of the three colored langur monkey species of the Pygathrix genus, which may be found in the tropical woods of central and southern Vietnam, southern Laos, and northeastern Cambodia, are referred to as “douc.” Doucs are among the primates with the most remarkable coloring. Due to the black-and-white bands on each ear, the body seems blue-gray, while the head is a brownish color.

There hasn’t been much research done on doucs in the wild. With up to 12 males and twice as many females, their armies range in size from 4 to 50 or more. They mostly devour new leaves even though they eat fruit, flowers, and seeds. All species in Vietnam and Laos, but notably the gray-legged, are at risk of becoming extinct due to widespread deforestation.