Eupleridae – Euplerids

Madagascar’s carnivores are characterized by slender bodies, tiny heads, and pointed snouts

The Eupleridae family has its own special traits with slim bodies, small heads, and pointy snouts that make them stand out. Most of these interesting animals have soft grey or brown fur with spots or stripes. They like to eat small animals, birds, reptiles, frogs, insects, and other tiny creatures.

Similar to other meat-eating animals, euplerids possess keen senses that help them see, hear, smell, and touch the world around them. These abilities are crucial for their survival in their habitats. Euplerids communicate with each other through a fascinating combination of scent-marking and vocalizations. They leave scents using special liquids, marking their territory or conveying information to other euplerids. These scents act like messages in their environment.

Additionally, euplerids express themselves through various sounds, such as screams and moans. These vocalizations serve different purposes, from signaling danger or expressing emotions to communicating during mating rituals. The intricate language of scents and sounds plays a vital role in their social interactions and overall behavior, allowing euplerids to navigate their environment, find mates, and establish territories.

The precise lifespan of euplerids in their natural habitats remains a mystery to researchers. However, when provided with a secure environment in captivity, Cryptoprocta stands out as the exemplar of longevity, having thrived for an impressive 20 years.