Gekkonidae– Geckos

Unique for their vocalizations and known for their climbing ability with specialized toe pads

Gekkonidae includes medium to small-sized lizards (including our house lizard). Over 100 billion years of evolutionary success culminate in a rich diversity and a multitude of fascinating characteristic features. Mainly being the masters of the night (nocturnal), their eyes are 350 times more sensitive to light than humans.

Another feature worth telling is that when they sense danger, they deliberately cut off their tails (which have no vital feature but to store food) as they need to run faster. The tail eventually grows back for another round of shedding.

Geckos are generally welcome in houses as good pest control. Still, nonetheless, their devilish appearance and creepy moves on the walls (they have adhesive pads under their feet) can freak people out. Geckos are not harmful, but if a lizard falls into your meal (worst fear, right?), you better leave off eating because lizards can be infected with certain poisonous pathogens.