Arctonyx – Hog badgers

These animals are tough to study due to their anatomy; closely related to true badgers (genus Meles)

Hog badgers are medium-sized carnivores endemic to Southeast Asia. The hog badger is a mesocarnivore native to Asia’s forests, mountains, and grasslands. Based on average body mass, it ranks among the biggest terrestrial living mustelids in the world, maybe second only to wolverines and rival European badgers. The Hog badger resembles the European badger in appearance, although it is often smaller and has longer claws on its front foot. Long white hairs cover its tail, and the claws on its front foot are white.

Hog badgers are animals that live on the ground. They are timid, and they live alone and in secret. These territorial animals leave their scent on the grass, rocks, and tree trunks to mark their territory. Hog badgers are active day and night and spend most of their time looking for food. Worms, insects, and small mammals are part of their diet, but they also eat fruits, tubers, and roots.