Iguanidae – Iguanas

They only look dangerous!

A large and diverse family includes some of the largest terrestrial lizards and the only marine lizard!

Distributed throughout the western hemisphere (Canada, America, and the Caribbean mainly), iguanas prefer arid habits. Iguanas love the sun; they need UV rays to process vitamin D and thus spend a good time of amount basking in the sunlight. However, hot and sunny is not their only niche. Despite being terrestrial, iguanas are pro swimmers and live around water; the Green iguana is known to stay underwater for 28 minutes without breathing! Iguanas look petty nasty, given their vegetarian diet. Yes, iguanas are herbivores and are friendly creatures, often kept as pets despite their dangerous features.

Because of their strict feeding requirements, habitat needs, and long life, keeping them as pets is a delicate and demanding job. It’d be much better to save them in their natural home—the wilderness.