Mammuthus – Mammothes

Home to at least 9 extinct species, the last of which disappeared just 11,000 years ago

The genus of prehistoric elephants that lived during the Pleistocene epoch. These colossal beasts roamed the Earth millions of years ago and are known for their distinct features, including long, curved tusks, shaggy coats of fur, and massive size. The most famous of the Mammuthus genus is the woolly mammoth, which was well-adapted to the harsh conditions of the ice age.

Despite going extinct thousands of years ago, Mammuthus remains a subject of fascination for scientists and the general public. Fossils and remains of various species have been found across the globe, revealing fascinating information about their biology and ecology. From the Columbian mammoth, which lived in the grasslands of North America, to the dwarf mammoth, which inhabited the islands of the Mediterranean, each species had unique adaptations to its environment. Studying these incredible animals helps us better understand our planet’s prehistoric past and the complex relationships between species that once roamed the Earth.