Elephantidae – Elephants

Incredibly wise, astonishingly powerful, boundlessly empathic, and majestically massive—The Great Grand Tuskers!

Isilo, the largest living elephant, became the food for headlines in 2014 when he was found dead with his tusks missing! This narrates a bleak state of affairs for elephants facing poaching threats. African elephants’ population has shrunk by 90% over the last century. Elephants have powerful, sturdy, massive bodies but sensitive and impressionable souls. Their impeccable memory and high intelligence are both a boon and a bane.

And one can’t simply talk about elephants without paying homage to their magical trunks! A remarkable nose that functions like an arm and a tongue can also smell and drink. Elephant trunks are capable of minutely delicate tasks like cracking and peeling a peanut to savagely brute actions like uprooting a tree!