Nectariniidae – Sunbirds & spiderhunters

This family of nectar-sipper replaces hummingbirds in the Old world

This tropical family of sunbirds and spiderhunters is distributed in Africa, Australasia, and Asia.

They are brightly colored with iridescent plumage (male), small, slender with decurved bills. Their favorite food is nectar, but nestlings are fed spiders and insects. They can hover to sip nectar from flowers, but mostly, they perch.

They are monogamous, both parents share parental duties, and their nest is pendulous (cup-shaped in spiderhunters). These delicate-looking birds can be fiercely territorial and may mob together (or joint mob with other species) to attack/chase the predator.

Human encroachment, deforestation, and habitat loss are the main threats to this family; 15 species are already facing conservation threats.