Cinnyris – Sunbirds

Like hummingbirds, their favorite food is nectar from flowers, but they prefer to sit (while feeding) rather than flutter

The cute little colorful sunbird species resemble hummingbirds, but the two are only distant cousins. Most sunbird species are named after their looks or the type of clothes they wear. For instance, each name reflects some characteristics: flame-breasted sunbird, rufous-winged sunbird, variable sunbird, and eastern double-collared sunbird.

Just like their looks, they’re fond of beautiful habitats. The nests in most species are like a purse with single openings hanging from a tree branch. It is no surprise that these fancy birds decorate their nest with ornaments and welcome babies. Most of their day is spent around food resources to compensate for high metabolic rates. When in leisure, they focus on self-care with preening or bathing.