Bassaricyon – Olingos

Native to Central and South America (Nicaragua to Peru) are some of the rarest animals that you can encounter

Tiny carnivores resemble little foxes with raccoon-like tails and are around the size of household cats. They are well suited for using the ledges, crevices, and sheer cliffs of the desert as climbing mammals. They can navigate limbs and small ledges because of their long tail and even reverse course by doing a cartwheel.

They can quickly descend cliffs, trees, or cactus by rotating their rear feet 180 degrees, giving them traction. They can also climb up narrow passages by “stemming,” which involves pressing all four of their feet against one wall while leaning against the opposite wall, or by pressing both of their right feet and both of their left feet against the same wall, and they can handle wider openings or cracks by ricocheting between the two walls.