Procyon – Raccoons

The Common raccoon has adapted to urban life, while the two other species live in jungles

The medium-sized bear-like animal known as the raccoon belongs to the genus Procyon. It has five toes on its black paws and a ringed, bushy tail. Its paws almost resemble human hands. Due to the flexibility of their toes, they can grip, hold, and pull objects apart.
The raccoon is a skilled climber who may come down a tree backward or face first.

Although it was often believed that they spent much of their time alone, there is no evidence that they had sex-specific social behavior.
They are omnivores, and their surroundings heavily influence their diet. They often consume berries, nuts, rodents, frogs, eggs, insects, and crayfish. They will go through trash to get food in cities. They eat mostly plants and insects.