Ouroborus – Armadillo girdled lizard

Modern-day euoplocephalus (a herbivorous ankylosaurid dinosaur with spines)

The members of this genus are endemic to the furnace of earth, better known as the scorching deserts of Africa.
These fantastic lizards are a direct copy of the larger dinosaurs that once ruled this planet. They have a spiked carapace-like structure covering them, which offers them complete protection from every angle.

They vary in shade, from mild to deep brown. Yellow with a blackish pattern, notably beneath the chin, characterizes the underbelly. Its size varies between 7 and 9 cm (3.0 to 3.5 in).

The monsters only come out during the day. They inhabit groups of up to sixty people of varying ages and hide in rock crevices. Males are known to be territorial, meaning they will only mate with females in their region.