Armadillo girdled lizard

A short, stout creature that has turned its skin into a shield

Paul Korecky

Armadillo girdled lizards live in the desert regions of northern and western cape provinces of South Africa, preferring sparse vegetation and rocky outreaches as their habitat. They have armor-like spiny scales covering their neck, tail, body, and limbs. They are light brown to dark brown and usually have a soft, vulnerable underside that is yellow.

These lizards are carnivores, primarily insectivores, with their main diet consisting of termites. These tiny reptiles lower their consumption of termites during the winter months when there is less food available. Because of this behavior, group members need less to compete with one another for food. The species is considered to be Vulnerable and is, therefore, legally protected.


Population est.
South Africa
Western Cape, Northern Cape

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